« Innovation is the voice of the minority »

 – Laurent Jammes, YBL Consulting

The energy transition requires an evolution of the energy mix of the regions towards the use of more carbon-free sources, a reduction in per capita consumption, and more effective management of energy systems. Innovation in the field of new energy technologies is a key driver of this change.

For local governments and public authorities, engaging in the energy transition requires organising innovation in the local ecosystem to focus on the achievement of long- term objectives. To infuse a lasting dynamic of change requires the commitment and engagement of all local stakeholders in a common vision of the future and in an agreement on goals. YBL works with regions:

  • To establish regional energy transition roadmaps, engaging all concerned stakeholders in the definition of a common project and related objectives;
  • To structure and organise the local research institutions, to implement demonstration actions and to set up public policies to support technological development;
  • To plan, test and foreshadow new services and new markets.

For companies, innovation means investing in Research and Development in relation to new technologies, organising demonstration actions, and creating new markets where these technologies can be deployed. YBL’s consulting expertise and experience in the development of new energy technologies helps companies:

  • To define their development strategy, given the forecasted evolution of markets and regulations, as well as the aspirations of the civil society;
  • portfolio of R&D (Research & Development) projects, establishing technological roadmaps based on targets;
  • To develop and implement effective innovation processes, involving all corporate functions and resources, to transform new ideas into products and solutions that are efficient on their markets;
  • To promote open innovation, collaborative research, and strategic alliances.