Despite the urgency of the energy transition to limit the extent and the impacts of climate change, the deployment of new energy technologies is often viewed with suspicion by organisations from civil society – they may sometime oppose these initiatives. They seek a more active role in the debate on the living conditions that follow, on which technologies to implement, as well as in the definition and the governance of the new energy technologies deployment projects (from the design phase to the operational phase).

To address these societal expectations, YBL Consulting offers public and private project proponents assistance with their communication and consultation plans with different project stakeholders. The approach advocated by our experts is to place the project in its natural and human environment, discuss and eventually formulate (in conjunction with all parties involved), the conditions for its implementation. YBL provides support in:

  • The identification and the characterisation of the different stakeholders that are affected by, or which have the ability to impact on the project;
  • The development of communication materials about the project and the technologies involved;
  • The organisation of discussion and consultation workshops, or any other mean of stakeholder engagement, during which are presented and discussed the technologies that are involved, as well as the conditions of implementation and the impacts of the project;
  • The establishment of project information and monitoring committees and their operation.

These new practices aim at increasing the participation of stakeholders from civil society in the implementation of energy-related projects or the deployment of new energy technologies, including in some related decision-making processes, to foster the necessary evolution of regional energy systems.