Our expertise in new energy technologies and our industrial experience in the development and the deployment of these technologies allows us to undertake an accurate diagnosis of the energy systems of a region, their possible evolution, and to consolidate a roadmap with a 2050 horizon, which takes into account the objectives of the territory. This analysis is broken down into three areas:

  • Energy production: analysis of current and potentially exploitable energy production sources; characterization of imports and exports; techno-economic evaluation of technical options taking into account technological maturity and regional context (e.g. marine renewable energy); environmental impact of the energy production sector.
  • Energy use: characterisation of energy consumption per user (individuals, commercial, industrial) for all energy vectors (electricity, gas, heat); environmental impact of consumption; possible improvements in energy efficiency.
  • Energy management: characterisation of the energy flows (transmission and distribution networks in the region); possible role of storage technologies; coupling of energy networks (e.g. using hydrogen); intelligent networks (measurement, optimisation and control); new modes of governance, or modification of the existing ones.

The roadmap is then broken down into sectoral implementation plans, based on identified priorities that take into account the maturity of technologies, and articulate Research & Development activities with Demonstration projects, to prepare for successful commercial deployments.

Finally, YBL consulting supports the public and private actors of the regional energy transition, in the implementation of these plans (setting up and coordination of R&D or demonstration projects, analysis of the technical and economic performance of demonstrators, analysis of the feedback from operational experience etc).