YBL Consulting is an international consulting firm dedicated to the design and implementation of regional energy transition strategies. Established in Hong Kong in 2013 by Wang Yifan, Wan Bing and Laurent Jammes, YBL Consulting maintains a network of advisors and consultants from all around the world including France, the United States, and China.

“Regional energy transition” means that our approach can be conducted at the scale of a city, a territory or a country. This methodology begins with a thorough analysis of regional energy systems, including production, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy in all its forms. Based on this analysis, evolution scenarios are proposed, including roadmaps for the transition towards more efficient and environmentally friendly energy systems. These scenarios also take into account specific regional objectives where they exist, such as increased energy security or the creation of economic value and local jobs.

Scenarios are then broken down into sector by sector implementation plans, which take into account both technical factors – such as the regional potential in terms of energy sources, the maturity of technologies -, and more local factors such as the socio-political context, the aspirations of local communities, and the appetite to innovate.

Drawing on our wealth of experience of innovation processes we also offer a full range of support services to both local authorities and companies during the phases of development, demonstration and deployment of innovative solutions in the field of new energy technologies. This support includes consultation with stakeholders from the civil society (communities, NGOs), but also local authorities, scientists and experts, to obtain the commitment of all on a shared vision of society.

Our approach is independent vis-à-vis the technologies, to the benefit of an energy transition that creates value for the region, in respect of the natural and human ecosystems.